Q&A with Alice- Nepal

SCON Office Alice.jpg

SC: What were you doing before joining street child?

AL: I completed a European Masters in Project Management for International Cooperation's and Local development. Work wise I worked for nearly seven years in marketing and communication. In 2015 I rerouted my career by taking on more opportunities in the development sector, including becoming a Programme Coordinator for a local NGO focused on education in Cambodia and then working as a fundraiser for an Italian NGO.

SC: What inspired you to support our work in Nepal?

AL: My passion for education and human rights, along with my interest in further exploring Asian cultures, all ked me to take the opportunity to work with Street Child of Nepal

SC: Is there any special moment during your time with the team in Nepal that you'd like to share with us?

AL: Every single day brought some special moments as the Street Child of Nepal (SCON) Team are absolutely welcoming and able to instil such a pleasant working atmosphere. I had the chance to travel to the Terai area with few members of the Team to deliver trainings on WASH practises. I enjoyed this 5 days trip firstly because I was able to discover other cultural facets of Nepali region, and secondly because it gave me the opportunity to engage even more with few members of the SCON team outside working hours. Lastly it was an awesome opportunity to learn more about research in the field.

SC: Do you think you've developed new skills by being part of our work there?

AL: Definitely. I learnt a lot about Early Child Education – I had the opportunity to write Early Child Education Curriculum for one of the ongoing project. This allowed me to learn more about Asian education policy and requirements.

Furthermore, I had the chance to learn more about Research practises in the Education Field. Working Closely with the M&E team I learnt how to structure questionnaires specifically for the ongoing projects. Research was a field I had no previous experience in.

Overall, the best learnings are related to cultural aspects. Each piece of work managed and delivered taught me more about Nepali culture.

SC: How are you following up your volunteering experience now?

AL: I am currently working part time with an Italian INGO called Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi as Assistant Desk Officer. Fondazione Don Gnocchi mission is to support people with any sort of disabilities and promote inclusive education (they work in Bosnia, Africa and Latin America).

I also work for a private school as English Teacher for children of age group 3-5 years old (holistic approach to teach English as second language).

I would be extremely happy to work with Street Child again in the future!

SC: What would you say to anyone considering volunteering with Street Child?

AL: It's a great opportunity to gain more experience in development and understand Asian cultures. There are many opportunities to support the organisation with your expertise while learning at the same time. My main advice would be TO BE PROACTIVE and act as a change maker!