Sunset lake swimming in Liberia


Liberia is a country in transition, struggling to rebuild after the devastating effects of a bloody and brutal civil war, made worse by the appalling outbreak of Ebola in 2013. There is beauty and inspiration to be found in its rugged coastline, untamed rainforests and resilient people, but with its still rudimentary infrastructure and some of the world’s worst education indicators, Liberia has a long way to go down its road to recovery.


Street Child has two major programmes in Liberia - Partnership Schools of Liberia and our Comic Relief projects getting street-connected children off the streets.

Partnership Schools of Liberia is a pilot scheme introduced by the government to improve their drastically poor learning outcomes. Governance of 94 different schools has been handed to 7 different organisations, 24 of these schools are run by Street Child. We believe in a holistic model to improve students’ learning outcomes with simple, turnkey approaches across all schools. The approach takes into consideration the school environment and management, teachers, parents, the wider community and individual children’s barriers to education.

Our Comic Relief projects are focused on street-connected children, who are either living or working on the streets. Street Child is working to get them into safe home environments, enrolled in school and ensuring their caregivers are able to support them in the long term, by involving them in our family business scheme.

How you can make an impact.

Volunteers in Liberia play a key role supporting our programmes team. Volunteers work on a variety of programmes and may find themselves helping to conduct assessments in the schools, collecting and analysing data or supporting on grant writing. The range of activities means that no day is ever the same and gives all volunteers a great insight into the international development sector as well as the opportunity to work on projects that are giving some of the world’s most vulnerable children the chance of education.

Current Opportunities.


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Fact File.

Capital City: Monrovia

Population: 4.8 million

Climate: The climate is hot and humid all year round with a rainy season lasting from May to October.

Language: The official language of Liberia is English, with a variety of pigeon-English being spoken across the country.

Food: Typical Liberian food is lots of rice, cassava and stews. You can also find fresh mangoes and avocados in most markets

Life in Liberia.

Street Child’s main office and accommodation are in the capital, Monrovia. The accommodation you will be living in is directly above the office (making for an easy commute to work!) and it is situated in Congo Town, just a minute’s walk to the sea and a few minutes walk from the main boulevard that runs through the city.

In the evenings you can walk down the beach to the locally run beach bar, and the owner, Victor, is always delighted to see anyone from the Street Child office. On weekends the most popular destination is Tropicana Beach, a resort about half an hour away from the office, where you can chill out, catch up on some reading or meet the other beach regulars from the NGO community.

If you want to keep active, there are sports clubs you can join too: Monrovia has squash courts, tennis courts, and a frisbee team! For a more extended weekend getaway, you can check out the Chimpanzee Rescue Centre, go jungle trekking and wildlife watching in Sopa National Park, or travel further afield in search of Liberia’s best beaches, like Robertsport: a popular surfing spot north west of Monrovia.


Learn More.

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