Harriet's time in Sierra Leone


I have just completed a Masters in International Development. I have a love for travel and my time with Street Child in 2016 was my first time to Africa, which I loved! I have a passion and keen interest for disability and development and is a sector that I had hoped to work within in the future.

I visited Sierra Leone as a Research Volunteer on disabilities in Freetown. I visited disability organisations including Street Child’s partner organisation, Elizabeth Legacy of Hope and the Educational Centre for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Street Child’s amazing social worker, Henrietta assisted me throughout these visits as well as with the visiting of beneficiaries at their homes and putting together a group discussion meeting and semi-structured interviews to hear of the beneficiaries’ personal experiences and opinions of being classed with a disability.

Street Child’s mission and ambition inspired me to decide to volunteer with them alongside the incredible work that they currently do in supporting amputees. I had a desire to visit Sierra Leone to conduct my fieldwork research for my dissertation but I wanted my research to help in other ways so the opportunity to complete the Research Volunteer role alongside to create a disability report for Street Child was a great opportunity to spread further awareness of the disability issues I recorded.

There are so many highlights from my trip that I could write! Meeting the beneficiaries that took part in my research is definitely one as they were so inspiring and hearing their opinions, ideas and personal experience of being classed with a disability taught me so much. Also staying at We Yone Child Foundation, another partner organisation of Street Child that Street Child recommended me to stay with was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend! After visiting Sierra Leone I now have a new love for their materials for clothing and bags, they are so amazing!