Enterprise Volunteer

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  • Conducting preliminary research including scoping and needs assessment to set up a social enterprise
  • Analysing and modelling the viability of the enterprise
  • Examining the legal and regulatory requirements for establishment of the enterprise
  • Designing and developing the enterprise in its start up phase, including the establishment of operational systems, staffing and management


The successful applicant must be prepared to live and work in austere conditions when required, and to travel independently to urban, rural and remote project sites. The applicant must be able to manage his or her work plan and report regularly to the team on progress, and will be considered a valued member of the team.

A fundraising commitment will be required of the successful applicant, for which support will be provided by Street Child UK staff. Flights and food are at the applicant’s own expense. Accommodation will be provided by Street Child at a fixed cost. A detailed breakdown of costs and expenses will be provided for those applicants selected for interview.

Whilst this is initially a voluntary role, for applicants with relevant experience who have the ability to add strategic value, there is potential to attain a more permanent position with the organisation. 

LOCATION: Kampala, Uganda

4 - 12 weeks

Street Child is calling for individuals hoping to gain valuable experience in the development sector by undertaking a voluntary entrepreneurial role in Uganda. Having just launched in Uganda, we are seeking for skilled individuals to undertake preliminary research to help inform the future of our projects in this country. With an ongoing refugee crisis in the North of the country, and poverty debilitating many more families, there is a serious gap in education and children’s wellbeing. Following Street Child’s policy to help the world’s most vulnerable children, our work will focus on refugee and street-connected children who lack access to meaningful education and security.

Street Child Commercial was established in 2011 as a unique fundraising stream for Street Child in Sierra Leone. A series of shops and cafes in Sierra Leone create a sustainable source of income by turning profits which are then re-invested into projects. Street Child is currently seeking to create a similar model in Uganda and is looking for an entrepreneurial volunteer interested in leading this effort. 



  • A business related degree with a strong academic record
  • Experience working on a social enterprise is preferred but not essential
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Professional and diligent in presentation and conduct
  • Independent and capable of proactive work plan management with minimal support
  • Flexible, adaptable and able to thrive in a start-up environment
  • Thoughtful, resourceful, reflective, and eager to learn
  • Culturally responsive and respectful
  • Keen interest in understanding and contributing to the development sector


For more information, please email: