Computer Skills & Capacity Building


Key Features:

  • Designing a training scheme in response to the need on the ground
  • Providing individual drop-in sessions and group training sessions on basic computer and/or data skills
  • Travelling across Sierra Leone to the different regional Street Child stations
  • Immersing in local life in guesthouses and exploring the beautiful landscape
  • Enjoying a relaxing send-off on the white sandy beaches for the Beach Extension (optional)

Corporate Incentives:

Taking part in this volunteer programme will develop core competencies of your team, strengthen internal networks and showcase your company’s values in action.

This will also give more junior staff the opportunity to develop leadership, management and interpersonal skills in a truly unique environment, outside of their comfort zone.

LOCATION: Sierra Leone

DURATION:  10 Days

DATES: to be confirmed

Street Child urgently requests your help on the ground in Sierra Leone. We are seeking proactive individuals with basic computer and/or data skills, to support Street Child of Sierra Leone’s dedicated team of local staff. This is a unique opportunity to make a real and lasting impact within a leading development organisation, as well as take on an incredible experience.

This programme is in response to a crucial need on the ground to equip our local staff with the computer and data skills vital to their work. You will work closely with the Street Child's programmes team to provide a effective training programme. During this programme, you will travel as a team of volunteers to our rural stations across Sierra Leone, exploring the country and experiencing first-hand Street Child’s remarkable impact across the country.

sanda Magbalantore Rural School-13.jpg


  • Basic knowledge of computers and/or data inputting

  • Culturally responsive and highly respectful

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Keen interest in understanding and contributing to humanitarian work

  • Very flexible and adaptable to the situation on the ground

  • Independent and capable of proactive work plan management with minimal support

We would like to emphasise that all volunteers are asked to maintain a sensitive attitude to the context in which they will be working, and to remain highly respectful, at all times to Street Child’s staff, partners and beneficiaries.


The successful applicant must be prepared to live and work in austere conditions when required.

A fundraising commitment will be required of the successful applicant, for which support will be provided by Street Child UK staff. Flights and food are at the applicant’s own expense. Accommodation will be provided by Street Child at a fixed cost, and will require sharing rooms with another volunteer. A detailed breakdown of costs and expenses will be provided for those applicants selected for interview.

Safety & Security:

Prior to departure, all successful candidates will be given a thorough safety and security briefing, when they will be provided with the relevant emergency contacts and procedures. Our In-Country Programmes Teams are available to assist where situations arise, and regularly review the situation to adapt programmes accordingly. The volunteer accommodation is also regularly reviewed to ensure that it adheres to safety and security requirements.


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