About Us. 

Volunteering With Street Child. 

Volunteer with Street Child for an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impact. Street Child works with some of the world's most vulnerable children to give them a chance to go to school and learn. By volunteering with Street Child, you'll be working with our local teams to give more children that chance. 


About Street Child.  


What We Do.

We recognise that the barriers to education are complex and interlinked, and our projects focus on a combination of education, child protection and livelihood support to address the social, economic and structural issues that underpin today’s education crisis.

Where We Work.

Street Child prides itself on being willing to go to the world’s toughest places where others won’t, including remote, hard-to-reach areas and fragile, disaster-affected states.

Why We Do It. 

121 million school-aged children are currently out of education world-wide.  Millions more children are in school but failing to learn. Street Child believes that achieving universal basic education is the single greatest step that can be taken towards the elimination of global poverty.

The Street Child team is made up of a group of passionate people. We'd love you to join us. You can find out more about Street Child here

Volunteer with Charity Street Child and help to give vulnerable children the chance to go to school and learn. 
Volunteering with Street Child is a chance to work closely with our local teams to make a real difference. 

Why volunteer for Street Child? 


With Street Child you'll be working closely with our local teams for an authentic international volunteering experience that will make a true and sustainable long-term difference. As a charity, we truly value volunteers. There is a real need for your support on our projects so we work hard to match your skills to where you can have maximum impact.

We'll make sure we look after you from the moment you decide to volunteer with Street Child - supporting you with fundraising and helping you prepare for your adventure!

Now you know why you should volunteer with Street Child, check out where you could volunteer with us!

The Costs.

There is not a fee for joining the Street Child volunteering programme. However all roles are self-funded and you will need to cover your return flights, vaccinations, meals, travel insurance and visa. You will also pay a daily rate to Street Child which covers accommodation, airport transfers and work related in-country travel. The daily rate varies dependent by country but is typically £7-£10 per day.

We also ask all our volunteers to fundraise a minimum of £1,000. Your fundraising supports the long-term sustainability of your volunteering and our work helping children to go to school. This work is only possible thanks to fundraising. 

Whilst fundraising may seem daunting, we are confident you will find it easier than you first imagine! We will be there to support you with help and ideas and in our experience, many volunteers even significantly exceed their target. For those planning to work in the charity sector over the long term, this is the chance to learn valuable fundraising skills which will stand you in good stead for the future. 


Meet The Team. 

We truly value our volunteers and our dedicated team are here to help with any questions or queries you might have. We have all supported Street Child's work on the ground so we can help you with anything you need - from preparing for your trip or planning how you're going to hit your fundraising target. Just get in touch - we'd love to talk to you about how we can help you have a life-changing experience that will leave a lasting impact. 

Usha Limbu, International Volunteer Coordinator -Nepal and Sri Lanka: usha@street-child.co.uk

Laura Craig-Harvey, International Volunteer Coordinator - Africa: laura.craig.harvey@street-child.co.uk

Katie Walden, International Volunteer Coordinator - Teaching & Dissertation Programmes: katie.walden@street-child.co.uk


The Application Process.


We accept applications year round and make sure we match volunteers with relevant programmes.

After applying through our online form, you will be invited to interview with one of our volunteer coordinators - over the phone or in person at our London office. This will give us an opportunity to find out more about your skills and interests, so that we can find you the right programme where you will have the greatest impact, and where you will gain the experience you are looking for. 


Once you are confirmed on the programme, your volunteer coordinator will be there to help you with the logistics of preparing for your trip, from reaching your fundraising target to making sure you have everything you need for your international adventure!