About Street Child.

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Who We Are.

121 million school-aged children are currently out of education world-wide.  Millions more children are in school but failing to learn. Street Child believes that achieving universal basic education is the single greatest step that can be taken towards the elimination of global poverty.

Where We Work.

Street Child prides itself on being willing to go to the world’s toughest places where others won’t, including remote, hard-to-reach areas and fragile, disaster-affected states. We began our work in 2008 in Sierra Leone and we now work in Liberia, Nigeria, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.

What We Do.

We recognise that the barriers to education are complex and interlinked, and our projects focus on a combination of education, child protection and livelihood support to address the social, economic and structural issues that underpin today’s education crisis.

Wherever we work we partner with local organisations and take an outcome-led approach.  We use evidence to drive learning and the constant refinement and scale-up of programmes that create maximum impact for the most children at the lowest cost.

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Our Impact.


Our focus is on low-cost sustainable solutions that make a real difference to the children we support. Since 2008, we have helped over 200,000 children to go to school and learn and supported over 15,000 families to set up businesses so they can afford the cost of educating their children long-term.


We provide low cost, high impact work.

Our innovative approaches have enabled more children to access education, and more families to sustainably finance their children’s education.

We always work with local organisations.

We work with our local partners to implement programmes and support them in strengthening their organisation and maximising their impact.

We have a sustainable, ambitious and scalable approach.

Our approach allows us to respond quickly when disaster hits and enables us to reach more children.

We go where others won’t.

We pride ourselves on working in some of the world’s hardest to reach areas from the plateaus of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the conflict-affected regions of North Eastern Nigeria.

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